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Poster Presentations: Presenting a Poster

Presenting Effectively

Approach a poster presentation as you would any other opportunity for public speaking

  • Dress professionally
  • Don't chew gum 
  • Don't jingle keys or coins in your pockets
  • Make and maintain eye contact with anyone you're speaking to about your poster
  • Be prepared with handouts and business cards


Presentation Tips

Tips for getting the most out of a poster session

  • Prepare an "elevator pitch" for your poster prior to the session so that you're able to summarize your topic smoothly
  • Stand beside, not in front of, your poster so that interested attendees can easily view the content
  • Don't turn your back to someone you're speaking to in order to make a specific point about a section of your poster
  • Don't neglect session attendees who may be interested in your poster to speak with colleagues or friends
  • If your poster will be on display for several days, bring holders or page protectors for handouts and business cards
  • Bring your own push pins or velcro as backup supplies

Transporting a poster

Plan how you will transport your poster while you're in the design phase. Options for transporting posters include:

  • Poster Tubes (sometimes difficult to manage in airports).
  • Ordering a fabric poster  - fabric posters can be folded and transported in luggage. 
  • Opting not to transport a poster and using onsite printing services instead.
  • Presenting a poster made up of printed panels that can be transported in luggage.
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