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Predatory Publishing: Author Resources

Many students and faculty aim to publish their research in quality journals, but how do we know if the journal is legitimate? This research guide is a companion to our library workshops on predatory publishing.

Tips for Identifying Journals

  1. Look for journals that publish articles in your field/topic. Start by looking at trusted journal lists from managed by libraries or professional  organizations.
  2. Consider a journal's audience and if your research is of relevance to that audience.
  3. Once you find a journal of interest, evaluate its quality by looking through its publications.
  4. Thoroughly review the journals publication practice, peer-review process, author rights, payment information, & timeline for publication.
  5. Contact members listed on the editorial boards.  Many times, predatory journals will add prestigious faculty on their editorial boards without asking, and then refuse to remove them from the list.  Also, speaking with editorial board members will give you a great sense of the quality of the journal and its mission.

Think. Check. Attend.

Selection Tools

The following UAB databases provide detailed information for journals (some include impact factor): 

Use the following resources to identify journals for potential publication:

The following resources are tools to help you locate journals from specific publishers according to your research area: 

Publication Ethics & Responsibilities

Evaluating Journals Practice

Use these tutorials to practice evaluating journals and publishers by answering targeted questions and using specific online resources. They are intended to walk you through the process. 

Search DOAJ

Think. Check. Submit.

"Think. Check. Submit." is a campaign to help researchers identify trusted journals for their research.  It is a simple checklist researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher.

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