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GC 698: Non Thesis Research: Using PubMed

PubMed Basic Search

Scroll down this page to see how use PubMed to find articles. Learn to:

  • Perform a simple subject search
  • Find a PubMed record when you have the article citation or title

To search PubMed for articles by a specific author, enter the author's last name and initials in the search box.  Use no punctuation. The result list will show all articles by authors publishing under the name/initials searched.  Use tutorial here.

Search PubMed

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Finding Articles on a Topic in PubMed

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PubMed: Starting with a Citation

To find the record for a citation, simply copy the exact article title or PMID into the PubMed Search Box. The article may open in PubMed Abstract view, or you may be directed to choose the correct article.


Click the title to open to Abstract view.  There you will find links to similar articles, subject headings and full text.

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