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GC 698: Non Thesis Research: My NCBI

About My NCBI

Plan to use PubMed often?  Consider creating a My NCBI account.  My NCBI is a powerful tool for use in PubMed and other Entrez databases.  After creating your account and signing in, you can:

Use the My Bibliography feature to:

  • Save searches and/or collections of citations and manage them online
    • Search by subject, author, or journal
    • Can use PubMed limits and MeSH subheadings for a very focused search
    • Can search a broad topic and limit to key journals
  • Schedule automatic email alerts to your saved searches.
  • Select display formats and features like highlighting search terms in result lists
  • Choose filters to group and manage your results
  • Save your citations as required by the NIH for NIH progress reports and non-competing renewals.
  •  Manage article compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.
    • Use Awards View to see whether your journal articles are in compliance. 
    • Submit manuscripts to PubMed Central or designate articles as ones to which the NIH Public Access Policy does not apply.
    • Associate a PI's publications to NIH extramural awards.
    • Link to your eRA Commons account and assign a delegate to manage citations in My Bibliography (optional.)

More information?  Check our our My NCBI Research Guide.

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