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MK 310: Consumer Behavior: Home

Use this guide to help you complete research for your Consumer Behavior Project.

Consumer Research

Professionally Created Buyer Personas

Once inside SimplyAnalytics Click on the Data Icon along the left side, from there select Data Folder, then Claritas, and finally PRIZM Premier to bring up the list of Nielsen Buyer Personas. They are broken into three categories: Segments, Social Groups, and Lifestage Groups. 

Product & Market Research

Product and market research is not always a straightforward process. No company provides the public with a detailed descriptions of their marketing plan. Learning about the plans, requires a thorough search of the product or market by analyzing the news, business journals, press releases, and blogs to make inferences about the strategy. Use the sources below to help you conduct these searches. By using a database or website from this list, you ensure that you are accessing more reliable sources and are getting the most relevant, up-to-date content. It also helps that citation generators take out some of the guesswork of citing your sources. 


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