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EE 485: Engineering Operations Finding Information

Engineering Librarian Videos on YouTube

Your Engineering Librarian has created a series of YouTube videos to help you learn about databases, including how to choose one for your search and what kinds of different databases are offered at UAB.


Screenshot of Home Page for Sterne Library

OneSearch is a tool for searching multiple library resources using one interface. This is the name of the tool you're using when you perform a search from the UAB Libraries home page!

OneSearch - This link will take you to a webpage that will help you learn to navigate OneSearch to perform a basic or advanced search and limit the results by resource type (such as books, book chapters, and articles) and by availability (held by library is print format and available online is electronic format).

eBook Collections

eBook collections are tools for searching online books for reference and background information. The following links will take you to just a few examples of great places to look for online books on Engineering.

Searchable online library of full-text content from different publishers. Contains books, textbooks, handbooks, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, conference proceedings, and regulatory information.

Searchable online library of full-text content from McGraw-Hill. Contains books, textbooks, handbooks, study guides, exam prep, and code commentary.

Library Databases (Patents & Journals)

Library databases are tools for searching the literature from many publishers. The examples listed below are great for covering a wide variety of topics, including engineering. There are other databases that may also suit your needs - you can explore more options on the Engineering Guide or this list of all databases.

For Patents


More information about patents and intellectual property can be found on the Intellectual Property Guide.

For Scholarly Publications (Journal Articles)

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a tool for searching scholarly literature and patents available on the web. This can be a great way to look for literature related to your topic of interest, but you may find sources that are not accessible through the UAB Libraries.

Customize library links using the settings menu to find full-text available through the UAB Libraries. Anything you find that isn't available through the UAB Libraries can be requested via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)! (In other words, we can help you borrow it from another library.)