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FS 679: Seminar in Forensic Science Find Sources (Databases)

Library Databases

Use the subject databases below to find sources from many publishers.

Collection of databases including Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index covering scholarly literature in the sciences and social sciences from 1990 to the present.

Database covering scholarly literature in the life, health, physical, and social sciences from 1960 to the present.

Database covering scholarly literature in biomedicine from 1946 to the present (paid version is MEDLINE).

Collection of databases including Chemical Abstracts and MEDLINE (free version is PubMed) covering scholarly literature in chemistry from 1907 to the present and biomedicine from 1946 to the present.  The other databases provide information about chemical substances, reactions, and suppliers (see also CHEMnetBASE for the CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics and similar reference works).

New users must register for a SciFinder account using an UAB email address.

Database covering scholarly literature in the psychological and behavioral sciences from 1806 to the present.

Database covering scholarly literature in criminal justice from 1981 to the present.

Search Tips

Use the search tips below in the databases to help narrow or broaden your search results.

  • Boolean Operators

AND – Find all of the terms   [get fewer results]

fingerprint AND sibling

OR – Find any of the terms   [get more results]

fingerprint AND (sibling OR brother OR sister)

NOT – Find the first term but not the second   [get fewer results]

fingerprint NOT biometric

  • Proximity Operators

" " – Find the terms next to each other in the order given as a phrase   [get fewer results]

"trace evidence" will find terms as exact phrase rather than separate words

  • Truncation Symbol

* – Find terms containing the root with alternative word endings   [get more results]

estimat* will find estimate, estimates, estimated, estimating, estimation, etc.

One Search, Journal Packages, & Google Scholar

Use the library's discovery system to find sources (books, book chapters, and journal articles) from multiple resources using one interface.

Use the journal packages below to find sources from a single publisher.

Use the search engine below to find sources on the web.

Customize by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner then "Settings".  On the search results page, select "Show links to import citations into" and select EndNote.  On the library links page, search for "UAB Libraries" then click in the box next to "UAB Libraries - Full Text @ UAB" to add the article linker.

Get Sources

Use the services below to get items.

Request materials not available at the UAB Libraries from other libraries.

Request electronic copies of articles from the UAB Libraries print journal collection in remote storage.

Request materials be moved between Lister Hill Library, Sterne Library, and the remote storage facility in the 801 Building.