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Finding Full Text: After Graduation


Congratulations!  You’ve graduated from UAB!  However, you may have discovered since you left campus that you no longer have access to many of the electronic information resources you’ve come to depend on for your work.  Now when you follow a link to a full-text article or e-book, your attempt may be politely but firmly blocked.  How frustrating!

Unfortunately, our license agreements with vendors of proprietary – i.e., commercial - online materials generally only extend usage to current UAB faculty, staff and students.  This means that once you leave UAB for whatever reason, you cannot authenticate as a valid user of this content.

You may have access to more freely available resources than you realize, however.  This page has been set up to help you find good quality resources to support your work after leaving UAB.  We’ll be adding more links as we find out about them, so check back often!

Free Full Text

Open Access Journals

Databases including Free Full Text


Other Ways to Access Content

Don't forget your local libraries - both medical and public - when it comes to obtaining resources after graduation!  While remote access to online materials is often limited to subscribed content, libraries generally welcome users who come onto the premises to view, download and print out articles and other materials.  If the local library does not include a desired resource in its collections, it can often obtain it on your behalf from another library through interlibrary loan.

Best of luck to you from UAB Libraries!

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