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Getting Started: Finding Scholarly Articles: Getting Started

Choosing and Using Databases


This guide shows how to find scholarly articles using library databases. Two important databases for biomedical research are PubMed and CINAHL.

Library databases

To find scholarly articles for a literature review or a research paper, a good place to start is a library database.

A library database is a collection of records (usually bibliographic information) designed for rapid search and retrieval using computers.

Most contain citations and abstracts to scholarly literature in a particular subject area.  Some contain some full text articles, and most offer links to the literature the UAB libraries provide.

To find scholarly articles, follow the 3 steps below:

1. Choose the right database

2. Search for citations on your topic. then browse the result list and abstracts to find articles you need to read

3. Link to full text using the Full Text@UAB Libraries.

To learn more about each step, click on the tabs above.  Check out the demonstration for the database you want to use, and the instructions for citing the articles found.

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