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Media Literacy: Bias

What is bias?

Bias: A prejudice or leaning that may aim to influence judgments in an unfair manner; slant; prejudice.

Implicit Bias

Also known as "unconscious bias" or "covert bias"

  • Unconscious forms of prejudice or negative attitudes about someone or something. 
  • Can be directed toward a range of subjects, including groups of people, products, area, or concepts.
  • The person exhibiting implicit bias is unaware of this partiality and likely would deny having this proclivity if challenged.

Confirmation Bias

  • the inclination to interpret information selectively so that it reinforces a preestablished set of beliefs.
  • a belief in which someone only accepts fact that corroborate his or her preexisting subjective opinions about something. Any fact or opinion that contradict this belief is ignore, dismissed as false, or twisted to fit a pre-ascribed agenda.  

Discover Your Bias

Bias starts with you. Learn about your own bias and how it compares with others. Tools provided by AllSides to rate your own bias. compare your leanings with the rest of America, and much more.

A Quick Puzzle to Test Your Problem Solving

This puzzle by The New York Times exposes a particular kind of confirmation bias.

Media Bias

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