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Media Literacy: Fact or Fiction

Checkology Virtual Classroom

Games and Other Class Activities


"These activities can be used in conjunction with specific media examples on CMP (Critical Media Project) or more generally used to elicit class discussion and critical thinking."

Can you spot ‘fake news’? Have fun finding the facts with this social media-emulating game that helps students learn and practice quick checks for verifying sources, claims, and photos. Created by CIVIX, a Canadian charity dedicated to building the skills and habits of active and informed citizenship.

Presented by the Clemson University Media Forensics Hub, this fun quiz lets "YOU examine images of real social media content and decide whether it's from a legitimate account or an internet troll."


How False News Spreads

Media Manipulation Casebook


Ask a Librarian!

When in doubt, ask a librarian!


Factchequeado is an initiative created to counter mis and disinformation within the Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States. An innovative project led by, the first Spanish non-profit fact-checking media created to combat disinformation in Spain, and Chequeado, the first fact-checking media organization in Argentina and the Global South.  

NLP (News Literacy Project) created RumorGuard to help us all learn how to recognize misinformation and stop it in its tracks. Each fact-checked viral rumor contains concrete tips to help you build your news literacy foundation and confidently evaluate claims you see online.

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