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In Memoriam Exhibit: Home

This exhibit celebrates the supporters of the UAB Libraries Historical Collections. It also shows users how to navigate the In Memoriam digital collection.

In Memoriam Exhibit

This exhibit celebrates the work and dedication of the supporters of the Historical Collections of UAB Libraries, including the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences, the Reynolds-Finley Historical Library and the UAB Archives, as well as UAB Libraries as a whole. At present, this exhibit remembers Dr. Arnold G. “Gil” Diethelm (1932-2021), Dr. Charles A. “Scotty” McCallum, Jr. (1925-2021), and Mr. Edward L. Ramsey (1926-2021) for their contributions to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, to UAB Libraries, and to their respective fields.




UAB Libraries Dean Kasia Gonnerman recently interviewed Dr. Wayne H. Finley, longtime supporter and former Reynolds-Finley Associates Steering Committee Chair, about his memories of Drs. Diethelm and McCallum and their contributions to the department. Click on the box above to view this interview.


Click on the image below to view the full digital collection highlighted in this exhibit:


Browsing the collection:

The In Memoriam collection automatically sorts alphabetically by the title ascending, but you can change that to sort by subject or subcollection at the top of the page. Also, the items can be divided in the facet box on the left-hand side of the page. Subcollections for each featured individual (i. e. a Diethelm collection for Dr. Arnold G. Diethelm) better highlight and organize their relevant materials.

Searching the collection:

The In Memoriam exhibit offers full-text searchability. You can search the collection by typing in the general search bar or do an advanced search.

General search

To complete a general search, type a term into the search box in the top right corner and press enter. This will provide results containing the searched term within the description. Once you click on one of the result items, the word in the document or metadata will be highlighted.

Advanced search

To complete an advanced search, click on the advanced search option at the top right of the page underneath the general search box. Once on this page, select the collection or collections you wish to search within and click the Save button. Once you have saved the chosen collections, in this case the In Memoriam Collection, you can then type out the search term and specify whether you want to search within a specific field (i. e. creator, title, format, date, etc.) or just select the "all fields" button.

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