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NELLE / PMS (poemmemoirstory): Fiction

Authors A-L

Arcana, Judith
Sheila's Deposition, 1997
Noreen's Phone Calls, 1999

Aubrey, Kim

Beckman, Madeleine
Beach Days

Bierlein, Stacy
My Father's Head

Blackman, Sarah
One Dark Night

Bowles, Bonnie Roop
Painted Faces

Bray, Carys
Bed Rest

Brennan, Tally
The War With the Squirrels

Bunch, Rose

Carpenter, Stephanie
A hawker's guide to the Musée de l'Orange: or, Paris, as you see it 

Casale, Maria
Permanent Green Light

Charconas, Genelle
Strutting Backwards Through the Sky

Chancellor, Bryn
All this History at Once
The Moon, the Pyramids, the World

Cohen, Janna Brooke
The Doll Maker's Tale

Chehak, Susan Taylor
Jane Doe

Covington, Vicki
The Haircut

Davenport, L.M.
It Came From Beyond the Snow

Dalton, Beth
Home Video

DeCarlo, Melissa
The Rosary

DeCillis, Diane Shipley
The Theory of Everything

Deka, Christina

Dickenson, Stephanie
After Baah Ate a Dandelion

Dundas, Heather
House Menu
Trivial but Numerous

Faatz, Kris
Silver Ghosts

Feuerstein, Melissa

Foskett, Sally
Love and Work

Fox, K.K.
The One Who Hurts

Fox, Wendy
The House

Glaub, Nancy

Guyton, Claire
Casting Off

Hall, Rachel

Hanway, Nancy Scott
Wake to Sleep

Henningsen, Gail R.
Women Who Could Not Have Babies, Then Did

Hertenstein, Jane
Heartbreak Wall

Highers, Martha
Parts of a True Story

Horne, Jennifer

Ison, Tara

Jeffers, Honorée Fanonne
Home Brew
Easter Lilies in the West Room

Jones, Tayari
Some Thing Blue

Joseph, Sheri
Missing Pieces

Kamata, Suzanne
A Real Job

Katzenberger, Lisa

Keysor, Leslie Elise
The Man Who Love You

La Seur, Carrie
The Angel of Caracas

Landis, Catherine

Langan, Kerry

Long, Ada

Authors M-Z

MacAvoy, Shelia
The Apricot Tree

MacLeod, J. Annie
American Gothic

Madden, Kerry
A Conversation with Ann Pancake

Marburg, Louise
The Downside of Being Beautiful

Mauldin, Callie

Mead, K. C.

Moe, Kristine Kren
Orange Diamonds

Myers, Mary Jane
Galileo's Finger

Nelson, Antonya
In the Land of Men

Perkins-Valdez, Dolen
Miss Mary's Transformation

Peterson, Paula
My Life in Red

Philyaw, Deesha
Bromani Jones

Pope, Mary Elizabeth
The Club

Rao, Shobha
An Unrestored Woman

Rasnic, Jacqueline
Ruth's Tooth

Rawlings, Wendy

Rems, Emily

Rinehart, Lorissa
Julie and her Chickens

Ritchie, Cinthia
Lunch with Oprah

Roberts, Megan Greene
The Word Eater

Rollins, Elizabeth

Rosenberg, Gigi
Say His Name

Rosenberg, Karen

Sadre-Orafai, Jenny

Scherr, Sonia
To See Your Face

Shinkle, Katie Jean
Here in the Year of Our Lord

Springer, Heather

St. Clair, Jane
Touched by Copenhagen

Stanton, Maura
One Hundred Famous Views

Stefanescu, Alina
Something I Could Have with Low Probability

Stewart, Julie
By a Thread

Stewart, Leah
from The Responsible One

Teitelman, Judith
Guesthouse for Ganesha

Thomas, Maria
Self Care

Townsend, Jacinda
Saint Monkey

Udechukwu, Ada
Empty Vessel

Urazbaeva, Yellena
The Gospel According to Mother

Vance, K.C.
When We Were Normal

Vogtman, Jacqueline
A Love Letter from Very Far Away

Wagman, Diana
Rom Com or Rose and Jack Live Happily Ever After and We Are Not Really Surprised

Wallman, Sarah Harris
You Don't Have to Call Me Merle Haggard (Anymore)

Warner, Cathy
The White Space Between the Blue Lines

Wunsch, Emma
All Hail Dido, King of the Dildos
How to Dance in America

Yates, Brandy
Clear as Glass

Zaheer, Hananah
Winter Harvest in Lahore

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