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NELLE / PMS (poemmemoirstory): Creative Nonfiction

Authors A-H

Archer, Amy
Slow Motion

Bailey, Amy
Woman's Body Found

Bingham, Remica L. 
Interview with Natasha Tretheway

Barefoot, Bebe
Sparkle and Spin

Bell, Virginia

Black, Candace
The Shadow Knows

Boaden, Anne
Order Up

Brieschke, Patricia
Cracking Open

Bruce, Wendy Reed
Wrongful Death

Chapman, Allison
The Paradise Within
Milton's Captive Audience: Teaching Paradise Lost in a Maximum Security Prison

Cho, Grace
Crust Girl

Cohen, Garnett Kilberg
Alzheimer's Daughter

Cook, Casie
A Temporary Vessel

Cooper-Fratik, Julie

Covington, Vicki
The Cradle Roll

Crowe, Melissa
Caro Nome

Danticat, Edwidge
Uncle Moïse

Darling, Sherry
My Wedding

Dickenson, Stephanie
New Jersey Noir

Duhamel, Denise & Wade, Julie Marie

Dunbar, Jessie LaFrance
On the Burial of Pecola Breedlove and Finding Voice through Toni Morrison

Durrow, Heidi W.
Dear Ms. Larsen, There's a Mirror Looking Back

Eriksen, Telaina Morse
Oatmeal Cream Pie

Fath, Lauren
My Hands, Remembering

Fleegal, Stacia M.
The Other Cheek

Gillespie, Miranda
Love Is Finished

Granieri, Laurie
Leaving the Body

Groom, Kelle
An Emergency

Grover, Mary
Love For Jumpy Insomniacs

Hale, Christine
Cooking Instruction

Hamilton, Masha

Hansen, Re'Lynn
To Famous Cases of Syphilis

Harris, Natalie
After the Late Night Phone Call

Harris, Tina
In M'am-Maw's Hands

Hawkins, Mollie
On Weddings

Henry, Krystal K.
Katrina and Why I Hate Her

Holmes, Jenine
On Quodlibets

Horrocks, Caitlin
Six Tales of Drowning

Huebler, Dana
Oh My God, Cape Cod

Hummel, Maria

Authors J-P

Jamieson, Katherine
Ain't Ready for No Man

Jayroe, Kate
"Oh! Susannah"

Jeffers, Trellie James
From the Old Slave Shack

Jenike, Lesley

Jensen, Sandra M.

Johnson-Oberwanowicz, Nancy
A Day in September

Jones, Ashley M.
Ode to the Babies I Have Not Had

Jones, Sasha
Plan B

Kates, Susan
Adoption Story

Kokernak, Jane
Little Creatures

Lamwaka, Beatrice
The Market Vendor

Lyons, Emily
My Wake-up Call

MacInnis, Margaret
Being Dorothy in Kuwait

Madden, Kerry
Interview with Antonya Nelson
Wild Things

Marsh, Gaines
Dispatches from the Bama Nation (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worying and Love the Game)

Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria

Mauldin, Callie
Interview with Allison Anders, Lucy Alibar, Sandra Jaffe, and Marlene McCurtis

McCormick, Kathleen Zamboni
Barfing in the First Grade

McFaden, Jamie
An Interview with Emily Rapp Black

McKinstry, Carolyn
Season of Change

McKnight, Heal

McLeod, Maria
At the Fake Breast Boutique

Michaelson, Brittany
Connecting the Dots

Miller, Alyce
Okay, So Maybe It Really Does Go Back to Jackie Robinson

Mills, Pamela

Mills, Tyler

Mitchell, Bethany
The Tension of Opposites: An Interview with Margaret Wrinkle

Murphy, Bernadette

Nettle, Christina
Death of an Independent Bookstore

Nipkow, Leslie
How to Kiss Like A Movie Star

O'Brien, Colleen

Offland, Erin
What I See When I Look at the Desert

Orr, Elaine Neil
Passing the Cups

Peacock, Molly
Passion Flowers in Winter

Perillo, Lucia
Definition of Terms

Pietrzyk, Leslie
Joy to the World

Polk, Sharanna
Forever Flint

Prifogle, Lisbeth

Authors R-Z

Rawlings, Wendy
My Bully's Mouth

Reed, Wendy
Prologue: An Accidental Memoir

Romero, Maria
Friending Mom

Rose, L. J.
Blood Meal

Ryan, Cynthia
Rough Edges

Satterfield, Jane 
The New Girl

Schmidli, Leigh Claire 
Small Hungers

Schneider, Elena
The Devil in the Details

Seneca, Gail
A Child of the World

Sharma, Anju
Something Soft and Sharp

Sherlock, Irene
Calla Lilies

Shipley, Julia
Let Us Now Praise Rural Women: The Things They Jettisoned

Slaughter, Lauren
Interview with Mary Jo Bang

Slor, Zhanna
What's Five Feet in Front of You

Smothers, Mary
Here in Iraq

Soderlind, Lori
66 Signs that the Former Student who Invited You to Dinner Is Trying to Seduce You

Stewart-Nuñez, Christine
Culinary Alchemy

Thomas, Donna G.
Kiddie Land

Thompson, Jeanie
To Mike Kusmahn, With Regards, Where Ever You May Be

Troisi, Gina
The Red House

Turner, Denise
Chasing Euphoria

Ulysse, Gina Athena
The Sprits in My Mother's Head

Uttich, Laurie Rachkus
Cloud Cover

Vogt, Ginna
Dancing Lessons From God

Wade, Elizabeth

Webb-Hehn, Katherine 
To Mrs. R—

Welker, Holly
Satin Worship
Seeking Shelter
Of Losing

Wenner, Lori
Savasana Tears

Williams, Leslie B.
Nam Prik Kapi

Womer, Brenna
Thick Like Me

Yamamoto, Mika
Ghost Mother

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