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PubMed via LHL: Full Text

Full Text @UAB Libraries

The Full Text@UAB Libraries icon on PubMed records allows linking to electronic full text articles if UAB licenses the journal. To use this button, access PubMed through the library website: sample abstract below shows the full text buttons and what they mean. If you are asked to pay for an article via the publisher link, be sure to check Full Text @UAB Libraries

Get Articles UAB Does Not Have

Take a moment to create an account in Illiad and you will be able request articles that we do not have directly through the Full Text@UAB Libraries button.


Just choose Request article from Lister Hill Library and the article information will auto populate the Illiad request form.

How to use Full Text@UAB Libraries

After clicking on the Full Text@UAB Libraries button you will either be taken directly to a page with access to the article or you will be taken to a page with various options including a Google Scholar search and Illiad request forms.

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