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PubMed via LHL: Effective Searches

Effective Searching

Each of the pages below provides detailed instructions or videos on the different ways to search PubMed.

Basic Search   Focus with Filters   Too Few Results?     Using MeSH   Advanced Search

Demonstration: How to Use PubMed (Overview)

This 2 video playlist shows how to go from question to full text articles using PubMed via LHL. Use the tabs on the guide to learn more sophisticated search strategies and specifics on managing results. Learn even more details on Getting Full Text here.


Getting Started

To start searching, just enter your search terms in a PubMed search box. (You can use the one in the right column on this page or start in PubMed via LHL.

You can check how your search was mapped in the "Details" box on the right dashboard in the result set. Then focus your search.


Or, use Advanced search and MeSH search options in PubMed to streamline result sets and build effective search strategies.

View this video to learn more about how PubMed Works (flash required.) iPad or iPhone users: Click here

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Updated PubMed

An updated PubMed is on its way. Visit the test site PubMed Labs to try the new version. PubMed Labs is a work in progress as the National Library of Medicine continues to develop new features.

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