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Scopus: Export to EndNote

Export from Scopus

1) Go to the Scopus database and run your search. On the results page, check the boxes next to the citations you wish to move to EndNote. Click Export.


2) For the Export format, select RIS format.


3) What you select to export will depend on how much information you want in your EndNote library. In most cases Citation information plus Abstract & keywords will be fine. Note that Scopus lists exactly what information is included for each output option.


4) Once you've made these selections, click the Export button.

5) Once you click Export, you will see a dialog box asking if you want to Open or Save the file. Select Open and click OK.

6) If you didn't already have the EndNote program open, it will open automatically and either (depending on your EndNote settings) import the references to the last library you had open or ask you to select which library you wish for the new citations to be added to. Also, if you have an older version of a browser, you may encounter different messages from what's described here. Please Ask A Librarian if you need assistance.

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