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UAB Libraries Systems Information for Library Personnel: Library Mobile

This is an internal guide for UAB Libraries personnel. The purpose of the guide is to provide information on systems and technology supported by Emerging Technology and System Development department in Technology & Technical Services.

UAB Library Mobile Demo

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How to Download

Library Mobile in app store

Download Library Mobile

Search your mobile device or tablet's app store for "Ex Libris Library Mobile." The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Library Mobile Search for Your Institution to Log-in

Search for Your Institution to Log-in

Search for "University of Alabama at Birmingham" in the app.

UAB DUO sign-on

UAB DUO Sign-on

Log into UAB Libraries app instance using UAB credentials.

UAB Libraries Library Mobile App User Homepage

UAB Libraries Library Mobile App User Homepage

After logging in using UAB credentials, the user will be directed to the UAB Libraries app home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I download Library Mobile?

Option #1: Use either the iOS or Android QR code, depending on your device.

Option #2: Go to your device’s app store and search “Ex Libris Library Mobile.”

Why is the app labelled “Ex Libris Library Mobile” instead of “UAB Library Mobile” in the app store? UAB Libraries has licensed the app from Ex Libris. Many other libraries use their platform as well, so we do not have an option to rename the app for app stores. We can only figure the information within the app.
Why is the app icon not a UAB logo? UAB Libraries has licensed the app from Ex Libris. Since other libraries also use the application platform, we can only configure what information is within the app.
Where can I get help using the app?

Option #1: Visit any of the HUB desks located at each library location.

Option #2: Use the Chat with a Librarian widget found on the main library website at

Option #3: Use the Chat with a Librarian feature within the Library Mobile App.

I work for UAB Libraries. Who do I send app questions or issues from patrons/library users?

Submit a support ticket through the online form or by sending an email to

Emerging Technology & System Development (ETSD) will not be responding directly to patrons. We will resolve the issue then inform the library personnel who communicated with us when the issue has been resolved.

UAB already has an app. Why download this one?

UAB Library Mobile contains useful library information, resources, and services. It also can distribute surveys, send library-related push notifications and alerts, and present library events. This keeps the UAB community connected and up to date on important library information.

I use the library website. Why should I use the app?

Library Mobile provides quick interactive access to library services and information when users are away from their offices or not sitting at a computer. Library account information is more readily available, and patrons can receive automated push notifications about holds, overdue items, and fines instead of just SMS messaging. The app also makes pushing out surveys and library event reminders simple.

How does the app benefit me?

UAB Library mobile gives you quick and easy access to popular resources and services the libraries offer. Apps are a perfect vessel for this – whether you’re on the go or not, the library is with you.

Some more specific benefits to using the app is as follows:

  • Ability to search the library catalog.
  • Access to full library account.
  • An opt-in or opt-out setting for push notifications about patron’s library account.
  • Use of campus maps, including maps to each library location.
  • Access to research guides, made by professionals in a particular subject or field.
  • Keep up with library events with an events feed.
  • Links to library social media accounts.
  • Ability to reserve a space, such as group or individual study rooms.
  • Access to full list of accessible databases.
  • Link-out for placing an Interlibrary Loan request.
  • Make an appointment for research assistance.
  • View available library technologies, like laptops, 3-D printing opportunities, and more.
  • Chat with a librarian (during available hours).
  • Current and future Birmingham weather reports.

How can I request photos, events, and survey content to be pushed through the app?

Submit a support ticket through the online form or by sending an email to
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