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Anesthesiology Boards: ABA Applied Exam

Resources and books for the ABA Basic & Advanced Exam and the ITE

Preparing for the ABA Basic Exam


The ABA Applied Exam is administered after completion of your residency and passing the Advanced exam, . The Applied Exam consists of two parts, the Oral Exam and an Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) consisting of 7 stations. To prepare for this exam, we've assembled a list of resources and strategies that have been useful to previous UAB residents in preparing for this important exam. The different style of this exam means that you'll want to use a different set of review books

Review Books for the ABA Applied Exam


There are a number of books for the ABA Applied Exam as well as some older books intended for the former format of the oral boards. 

Review Books for the ABA OSCEs


The newest part of the advanced exam, Objectvie Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) were introduced in 2017 and are meant to assess communication, professionalism, and technical skills related to patient care. Only one book is currently available for preparing for the ABA OSCEs. 

For more information about the OSCEs, please review the following:

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