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Evidence-Based Dentistry: Searching Scopus

Searching Scopus

This page includes an overview of Scopus Searching.  The subtabs above and the links below have tutorials on:

Finding articles (document searching)     Refining and Organizing Your Search     Advanced search     Finding author information                             

Search Scopus


Exclude PubMed Results

In Advanced Search, add "AND NOT INDEX(medline)" at the end of the query and most PubMed results will be excluded.

Caution:  Use "AND NOT" carefully.  Scopus and PubMed retrieve results differently so it is possible to retrieve records in Scopus that you missed in PubMed.

Getting Started

Navigation bar

The navigation bar contains the following buttons:


Click Search to open the Scopus search forms: Document, Author, and Advanced.

Source Click Source and view associated metrics. Use qualitative as well as quantitative metrics when presenting your research impact. Always use more than one quantitative metric. Learn more about CiteScore.
Alerts Click My Alerts to view a list of a previously saved search, document citation, or author citation alerts.
Lists Click My list to view temporary lists of documents. You can also choose to save documents in a basket permanently.

Search Clicking on "Search" opens the following form.  Each tab opens the search box for a different type of search.  Enter search terms into the search box, using the drop down box to choose a field, if you choose.  Add and combine searches using the Search History.

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