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Find Full Text

Orientation to library resources and services

Finding PDFS

Finding the full text of articles can be a challenge.  This page explains how to do so:

  • If you start with a citation
  • If you are working in a database like PubMed
  • If UAB does not license the article or has it in print only (ILLIAD)
  • If UAB does not have the article online (ILLIAD)


Search PubMed

Get Articles UAB Does Not Have

Take a moment to create an account in Illiad and you will be able request articles that we do not have directly through the Full Text@UAB Libraries button.


Just choose Request article from Lister Hill Library and the article information will auto populate the Illiad request form.

Starting with a citation

 There are several ways to get to the full text of articles.  If one method doesn't lead to the full text, try another.

  • Copy the exact article title or PMID into the PubMed Search box on the left. Then use Full Text@UAB Libraries to get full text.
  • Try Scopus.  Put the title in quotes. Then click on Full Text@UAB Libraries.
  • Check the E-Journals list  to see if LHL has the journal online.
  • Check with a librarian.
  • If no full text is available, request the article from ILLIAD

Starting in a database

Look for this button when you're in a database like PubMed, CINAHL or Scopus.          

When you find a citation or reference to a specific article, Full Text@UAB Libraries supplies the best path to the content:

  • Full text of the article if we have it
  • Google Scholar to see if there is a free version
  • Link to Illiad to request the article if we do not have it


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