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Affordable Instructional Materials & Linking to Library Resources Video Resources

This guide will provide information on how to link to library resources in Canvas, copyright guidelines, and contact information for more help.

Documentaries & Feature Films

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Lectures & Instructional Videos

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Remote Video Screening

How can I adapt a planned DVD screening during a rapid shift to remote instruction?
I was planning to screen a DVD in person for my students. Now that I need to shift to remote instruction, what are my options for getting this content to my students?

You have several options:

Streaming Services

The UAB Libraries license many streaming video resources (listed below) that are available to students both on and off campus. If the video is already licensed by the Libraries, you only need to point your students to it. Your school’s or department’s library liaison can help you determine if the video you need is available through one of the Libraries’ streaming services. Your library liaison can also help you correctly link to the video in your online class.  In some instances, the Libraries may be able to license the video you need for class. You can also check commercial services such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon Prime Video through which students can rent or stream the required videos. You can review paid screening options at JustWatch.

Zoom Screen Sharing

If the video you need is not available for streaming through the UAB Libraries or a commercial service, you may use Zoom’s screen sharing function to allow your students to watch the video from your computer screen during the synchronous online class session. US Copyright law allows you to perform some or all of a copyrighted video during an online class if the screening qualifies as a fair use. Fair use is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, to strengthen your fair use argument you should consider the following:

  •  What is the purpose of showing the video? Is it for an education purpose related to your class?
  • How much of the video are you showing? Are you using only the amount needed to meet your pedagogical goals, even if that is the entire film?
  • Are you limiting the video screening to only students enrolled in the course, screening it live during class time or another scheduled time, and not recording the screening?

If you have general questions about copyright or want help with the fair guidance above, you may wish to contact Jeff Graveline, Associate Dean for Research and Instruction for the UAB Libraries.

For information on using Zoom to screen share video and audio, see Sharing Computer Sound During Screen Sharing