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National Board Dental Examinations: NBDE Part One Reference Books

How to Use This Page

The following books have been used by the committees which construct the NBDE I as reference.  Each of the boxes below represents a different portion of the NBDE I, and the books within each box are geared toward that particular subject. To view the catalog entry of each book in Lister Hill Library's online catalog, simply click on the title.

Note that not all of the books listed in the Dental Reference Texts for the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part I are listed in this guide; to view the full list of books used as reference in the construction of the NBDE I, click here. Scroll down the page to find the list.

Anatomic Sciences

The following books will help you study for the Anatomic Sciences portion of the NBDE I and are available either online or in print through Lister Hill Library.



Dental Anatomy and Occlusion


The following books will help you study for the Testlet portion of the NBDE I and are located at Lister Hill Library.

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