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Finding Test Instruments: UAB IRB, Copyright
& Contacting Publishers

A guide on finding surveys, questionnaires, and research instruments.


UAB's Institutional Review Board

The IRB process serves to protect everyone involved in research that uses human subjects.

Each institution has their own IRB process; here is the link to UAB's: 

Copyright & Contacting Publishers


  • Gaining permission to use a test requires that you contact the author or publisher. Despite any difficulty in contacting rights holders, you are ethically responsible to do so.
  • Even if the test appears freely available, you must contact the author or publisher for permission to use the test for research or publication purposes.
  • When contacting a publisher for information on a particular test, include purchase inquiries.
  • The publisher may ask you to fill out forms in order to determine that you are qualified to administer a particular test.


Locating Test Publishers

Directories of test publishers are included in most major testing reference books (MMY, Tests, TIP). The size and scope of the directory usually reflects how many tests are included in that book. For example, TIP provides brief information on the greatest number of commercially available tests and, thus, has an extensive publishers directory. The Test Collection at Educational Testing Service (ETS) has a free pamphlet entitled Major U. S. Publishers of Standardized Tests, which lists the names, addresses, and phone numbers of 28 major test publishers. Call or write to them for your free copy at ETS, Library, Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ, 08541, (609) 734-5667.

Publishers' Catalogs

All of the major test publishers have catalogs listing their own products. The catalogs are published on an annual or semiannual basis. These catalogs are frequently the best source of information for the most recent editions of a test. Information on the cost of materials and scoring, types of scoring services, and ancillary materials are available through the catalogs. The catalogs also include information on variations of the test, such as large-print or foreign language versions. Contact the test publisher to request their catalog(s).

Purchasing Tests

Commercially available tests are usually purchased through the test publisher. Publishers hold the copyright to tests they distribute, and they maintain the copies of tests, test manuals, and scoring keys.

After locating the name, address, or phone number of a test publisher, contact the publisher with your request for information on a particular test (including purchase inquiries). Such inquiries should be made directly to the test publisher. Many publishers have separate policies for individual and organizational purchases of tests. Individuals may be required to complete a test purchaser qualifications form that allows a publisher to determine if the purchaser is qualified and competent to administer and interpret the test.

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Additional Databases for finding Test Instruments

ERIC: Contains journal articles & reports in education.  This database will be helpful to research conducting studies

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