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NIH Public Access Policy: Using Delegates to Manage your Bibliography

Authors: How to Appoint a Delegate

Delegates are persons who are granted permission by My Bibliography owners to view and manage their bibliographies. Delegates can:

  • add and remove citations
  • check whether a manuscript is complaint with the NIH Public Access policy

 Delegate invitations are initiated by My Bibliography collection owners. To invite a delegate:

1.  Log into your linked MyNCBI Account
2.  Choose "Edit Settings"

3.  Click the “Add a Delegate” link

4.  Enter the delegate’s e-mail address. Click the “Add a Delegate” button.

Your delegates will receive an email which they must then confirm by clicking on a link in the email. Instructions are in the box to the right.


To remove delegates:

1. Sign into My NCBI and go to My Bibliography
2. Click the "Settings" link
3.Click the red X, next to the delegate’s e-mail address.
4.A pop-up message will ask you to confirm the deletion. Click OK.


Delegates: How to Confirm your Connection

Delegate invitations are initiated by My Bibliography collection owners as shown in the box to the left. You will receive a confirmation email.

To confirm the connection:

1. Sign into your personal My NCBI account before replying to the confirmation email. ( If you do not yet have an account, register for a My NCBI here:

2. Respond to the confirmation email from My NCBI by clicking on the URL provided.

3. Click on the "Confirm Connection" button.


Under "Collections" you should see a link for the bibliography for which you are a delegate along with a link to your personal bibliography.  Open it to work with it.


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