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CH 790: Introduction to Graduate Research: Reactions


Find reactions by search term or chemical structure.

Search term may be the following:

  • Substance name
  • CAS Registry Number
  • Document identifier
    10.1093/nar/gki470  (DOI)
    15980585  (PMID)
    US4571400  (patent)

Chemical structure may be drawn or imported using the tool.

  • Chemical structure

If both search term and chemical structure queries are present, reactions will only match the chemical structure query (search term query is ignored).


MethodsNow provides access to step-by-step procedures and protocols from journals and patents.

Filter the results under experimental protocols.

Shows the procedure; a table of the products, reactants, and reagents with links to open substance detail; and characterization information for each step of a reaction.

Search Reactions

Follow the steps below to search reactions by search term:

  • Click on reactions in the left navigation pane (#1).
  • Enter the terms into the box (#2).
  • Click on the search button (#3).

The text query must match the identifier (substance name, CAS Registry Number, or document identifier) in the result exactly.

Follow the steps below to search reactions by chemical structure:

  • Click on reactions in the left navigation pane (#1).
  • Click on the draw button in the search box to open the structure editor (#2).

  • Select the preferred structure editor (#3).
  • Draw a new structure or import an existing file (#4).
  • Click on the OK button (#5).

Search will retrieve reactions that include the reactants, reagents, or products either as complete structures or as substructures.

  • Click on the edit button to edit drawing or remove structure (optional).
  • Click on the search button (#6).

Work with Reaction Results

Below is a sample reaction results page.

Below is a sample reaction detail page.

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