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CH 790: Introduction to Graduate Research: References


Find references by search term and/or chemical structure.

Search term may be the following:

  • Research topic
  • Substance name
  • CAS Registry Number
  • Accession number
  • PubMed ID number
  • Digital Object Identifier
  • Patent number
  • Patent application number

Chemical structure may be drawn or imported using the tool.

  • Chemical structure

Advanced search may be used for the following:

  • Author

Huisman, H. O.

  • Journal


  • Organization

University of Alabama at Birmingham

If both search term and chemical structure queries are present, references will match both queries (queries are joined by the boolean operator AND).

Search Strategies

Search strategies are the following:

  • Boolean Operators

By default, search terms without operators are joined with OR.

  • Proximity

Search Topic

Follow the steps below to develop a search topic:

  • Define the research question.

What is the role of radicals in the oxidation of benzaldehyde?

  • Identify the search terms and/or chemical substances that describe the concepts in the research question.
Concept #1 Concept #2 Concept #3


free radical
free radical chain
radical reaction mechanism
free radical chain mechanism
peroxy radical
benzoylperoxy radical


selective oxidation

Search References

Follow the steps below to search references by search term:

  • Click on references in the left navigation pane (#1).
  • Click on the search button (#3).

Follow the steps below to search references by chemical structure:

  • Click on references in the left navigation pane (#1).
  • Click on the draw button in the search box to open the structure editor (#2).

  • Select the preferred structure editor (#3).
  • Draw a new structure or import an existing file (#4).
  • Click on the OK button (#5).

  • Click on the edit button to edit drawing or remove structure (optional).
  • Add search terms to the query (optional).
  • Click on the search button (#6).

Work with Reference Results

Results may be filtered by relevance, document type, language, publication year, author, organization, publication name, concept, database, and additional search terms. 

Additional filters such as substance role or formulation purpose may be available depending on the search query.

Results may be sorted by relevance, times cited, and publication year (newest or oldest).  By default, results are sorted by relevance.

Results have a full text button which may be used to check the holdings of the UAB Libraries.

Below are three possible outcomes after clicking on Find It @ UAB.

  • View It

References available through the UAB Libraries in electronic format may be accessed by clicking on the full text link.

  • Locate It

References available through the UAB Libraries in print format may be requested through document delivery service.

  • Get It

References not available through the UAB Libraries may be requested from other libraries using interlibrary loan service.


If having problems accessing full text from off campus, try the following strategies:


  • Add the string below before the doi number provided in the source information then plug the url into the address box of the web browser.

Related results may be retrieved for citing or cited references.

citing references – sources that reference a paper (forward in time)
cited references – sources referenced by a paper (backward in time)

Citing references appear at the top of the detail page (cited by) while cited references appear at the bottom of the detail page (citations).

Citation map is a visual representation of citing and cited references.

Below is a sample reference results page.

Below are sample reference detail pages.

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