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Medical Images:
Citing & Presenting

This guide provides a starting place for finding and using medical images.

Citing Images

Images that you use must be cited. The citation must contain the standard elements that allows someone to identify and find the original source of an image.  The following elements if known or applicable should be part of the citation:

Artists Name, Date, Title of Image, Description of Image, Institution where held, Database name, Date of access, URL

The Lister Hill Library/UAB has a guide to help you with Citing Sources.

Citing Images using AMA Style

Reference List Citation:

According to the AMA Manual of Style, 10th edition, "The original source should be acknowledged in the legend/caption.  If the original source in which the illustration has been published is included in the reference list, the reference may be cited in the legend, with the citation number for the reference corresponding to its its first appearance in the text, tables, or figures (4.2.9)".

For examples of citation in the Reference List, refer to the Citing Sources guide above.

Each reference should be cited in the text, tables, or figures in consecutive numerical order by means of superscript arabic numerals.  It is acceptable for a reference to be cited only in a table or a figure legend and not in the text if it is in sequence with references cited in the text (3.6).

Incorporating images into the text of your paper and citing it in-text:

Figures should be placed as close as possible to their first mention in the text.  Figures should be cited in consecutive numerical order in the text, and references to figures should include their respective numbers.

If you need more information on how to cite, the AMA Manual of Style is available as an e-book.

Preparing Images

Citing Images using APA Style

Reference List Citation: 

Creator's last name, first initial. (Role of creator). (Year of creation). Title of image or description of image. [Type of work]. Retrieved from URL/Database

Incorporating images into the text of your paper:

Center the image in your paper

Figure 1. Descriptive caption of image.  From Image title, by Creator's Name, Year of Creation, Database/URL.  Copyright Date by Name of Copyright Holder.  Reprinted with permission (if applicable).

In-text citation:

Use the Image title or a general description, followed by (Creator, Date)

Refer to figures by their number.


Image Size

The optimal image size to fill a PowerPoint slide is 1024x768 pixels, with 100 pixels/inch.


TinEye is a reverse image search engine.  It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version.

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