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Medical Images:

This guide provides a starting place for finding and using medical images.

Images And Copyright

It is the responsibility of the user to determine compliance with copyright laws when reproducing, transmitting or distributing images from a book or online source. Some exceptions exist, such as Fair Use and Public Domain, that allow you to appropriately use works as a creator of new materials.


A citation:

Shows that you are using an image from another source.

Identifies an image as a published work.

Contains standard elements that allows someone to identify and find the original source of an image.

The Multimodal Argument

The multimodal assignment option allows you to develop an argument in a nontraditional way rather than the usual written essay.  Multimodal genres blend text, image, and other elements.

This Image guide EH 102: Tools for the Multimodal Argument from UAB Libraries/Mervyn H. Sterne will show you how to locate images, videos, and music that you can use without having to worry about copyright.  It will also introduce you to some tools for creating and editing multimodal presentations.


Tips For Your Search

This guide will assist users in finding medical images from a variety of sources for scholarship and research. Searching for images can require different search strategies than searching for text items.  Retrieving visual content with words can be a complex process that involves matching search terms with vocabulary used to describe the image.

  • Look in specialized databases first.  These have more advance image searches than Google.
  • Look in journal indexes for illustrated articles. 
  • Search for illustrated books in the library catalog.

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