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PSC 499: Capstone in Political Science and International Relations Collect References

Direct Export

Follow the steps below to add references to the library through the direct export feature of the resource.

  • Perform a search (#1) and select the items to export (#2).
  • Determine if a list or folder is used for selected items (#3).

  • Choose as method the option to export, download, send to, cite, or save (#4).

  • Choose as format the option for EndNote, RIS, citation manager, or bibliographic management software (#5).

  • Open the file using the web browser with EndNote as the application (#6).

  • In EndNote, find the references in the imported group (#7).

New Reference

Follow the steps below to manually add references to the library through the creation of a record in EndNote.

  • Click on the New Reference button in the toolbar (#1) or display the References menu and select New Reference.

  • Select the reference type (#2).
  • Enter the information in the fields (#3).

Note:  Include a comma at the end of group authors to prevent inversion (Government, Department of) when outputted in a citation style.