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PSC 499: Capstone in Political Science and International Relations Cite While You Write

Insert Citations

Follow the steps below to insert in-text citations with matching references in Microsoft Word (see support for Google Docs).

  • Click on the EndNote toolbar (#1) then click on the arrow in the style menu and select another style (#2).

  • Select the style then click on the OK button (#3).

  • Place the cursor in the location where the in-text citation should appear in the document (#4).
  • Click on the top half of the insert citation button (#5).

  • Enter terms to match the reference in the search box and click on the find button (#6).

  • Select the reference and click on the insert button (#7).

Note:  Click on the down arrow of the Insert button to view different options such as insert and display as author (year), insert and exclude author, insert and exclude year, and insert in bibliography only.

  • Check the citation and reference for any errors that need to be edited (#8).

Edit Citations

Follow the steps below to edit a citation after insertion.

  • Place the cursor within the in-text citation (#1).

  • Click on the edit and manage citation(s) button (#2).

  • Use the edit citation options to make the change(s) or use the edit reference options to remove the citation (#3).

  • Check the citation for the edit (#4).

Edit References

Follow the steps below to edit a reference after insertion.

  • In Word, identify the reference that needs to be edited (#1).

  • In EndNote, find the reference in the library (#2) and make the change(s) using the edit tab (#3) then click on the save button (#4).

  • In Word, click on the update citations and bibliography button (#5).

  • Check the reference for the edit (#6).

Format Bibliography

Follow the steps below to format a bibliography in Word.

  • Click on the expand button next to bibliography (Windows) or the configure bibliography button (Mac) (#1) .

  • Select the layout tab (#2) and make the change(s) then click on the OK button.

Remove Field Codes

Removing the field codes allows final changes to be made to the Word document without the changes being overwritten by EndNote.  It also breaks the connection between the Word document and the EndNote library for electronic submission of manuscripts.

Follow the steps below to convert formatted citations and references to plain text.

  • Save the original document with field codes.
  • Click on the convert citations and bibliography button (Windows) or tools button (Mac) and select convert to plain text.

  • Click on the OK button to create a new copy of the document without field codes.
  • Save the new document without field codes using a different file name to retain the original document.