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School of Medicine Students: STEP and Other Test Prep

Liaison guide for the students in the UAB School of Medicine

USMLE Resources

As you begin thinking about Step 1 of the Boards, we have both print and online resources available to help:

Practice exam questions that simulate those on the USMLE, certification review, & board exams.
Individual registration with UAB email address required.

USMLE First Aid Test Prep E-books

This collection of online books covers a variety of topics for Step 1 and 2. Specialty board reviews for residents and medical student clerks.


Includes textbooks, images, video/audio, diagnostic tests, current practice guidelines, patient education information, & test/study tools.  Individual login required for Review Questions.

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination with OSCE Clinical Skills Videos

Videos demonstrating head-to-toe & systems-based physical examination techniques. Also includes test prep videos for OSCEs or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.

Full List of Test Prep from UAB Libraries 

We also have a print Test Prep Collection next to the SOM textbook collection.  Some of the titles in this collection can be checked out while others must be used within the building.  Each is marked appropriately.

Clinical Simulators

Through MedU we have a variety of patient simulators.  You must set up an account with your UAB email address.

Aquifer Pediatrics (previously known as CLIPP)

Aquifer Family Medicine

Aquifer Internal Medicine

WiseMD (Surgery)

Aquifer Radiology (previously known as CORE)

Aquifer Oral Presentation Skills 


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Anatomy TV

Anatomy TV is s 3D, interactive model of human anatomy.   It produces medically accurate 3D images of human anatomy.  Along with animated, interactive images Anatomy.TV offers videos demonstrating real-life images of human body movement.  With the use of cadavers, real-life videos of internal movement, in a “how things work” type tutorial.

Dr. Resuehr has also created videos on Getting Started with Anatomy.TV and using Primal Interactive Regional Anatomy.

Need 3D glasses?  Ask at the HUB.

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