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Zotero: Organize Libraries

How to collect, organize, and cite articles, and create formatted bibliographies with the free tool, Zotero.

Using Tags

Watch this tutorial to learn about using tags to organize your library. Click on the image below to start the video.

Searching Your Library

This tutorial shows how to search your library. Click on the image below to start the video.  For advanced searching tips watch this screencast.


You can store notes in your Zotero library. They may be standalone notes, or attached to an item.  They are synched with your library and are searchable.  To learn more about Notes, watch the tutorial below.

The Zotero Library

The Zotero Library has 3 sections as shown below. The toolbar, across the top of the pane allows you to perform functions including creating collections and groups, importing references, creating items from web pages and locating items.  Learn to use Collections to organize your library in the box below this one.

You can sort the references/items in the center column by title or author by clicking on headers at the top of the column.  Choose the fields displayed by clicking the sort icon (), found to the right of the column headers. Checking properties in the dropdown menu adds them to the center column, and unchecking removes them.  Learn more here.

Using Collections to Manage Your Library

This short tutorial explains how to use collections to manage your library.  Click on the image to start the screencast.

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