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Zotero: PubMed

How to collect, organize, and cite articles, and create formatted bibliographies with the free tool, Zotero.

PubMed + Zotero Tips

PubMed works like other web pages in Zotero.  You can open a record or link, and choose the file/page icon to add individual references. If you open the Publisher link (on campus) the full text PDF will often be attached.

You can also get full text by using the Library Lookup.

When working off-campus, the publisher links in PubMed usually do not work.  Use the Full Text@UAB Libraries button.



Importing PubMed References

An alternative (longer) method to add PubMed references to Zotero libraries is to export them from PubMed, then Import them into Zotero.

1. Run your search in PubMed.

2. Select the references in your reference list that you need in your Zotero library.

3. Click on Send To (top, right), choose File, and in the Format drop-down menu click on XML. Create the file and save it to your desktop.

4. Open Zotero and click on the cogwheel.

5. Choose Import, and choose the .xml file on the desktop. 

6.  Your references will be saved under a collection bearing the name of the  XML file saved on your desk top.

Adding Citations from PubMed

Zotero"s "web Translators" work with PubMed, so the process is simple!

1. In the PubMed result list shown below, click on the folder icon in the browser location bar.

2.  Select the articles of interest.

*Note: You can move citations to PubMed’s Clipboard and then click on the folder  from the Clipboard. The Clipboard allows you to set aside citations from several different searches before exporting them to PubMed. It also allows you to see the entire title (and abstract if you wish) while choosing your results.

3.  The citations will be in the selected group in your Zotero library. There will be a PubMed Link associated with each reference.

An easy way to attach the article PDF is to:

1. Open the link.

2. Use the Full Text@UAB Libraries button to download the article.

3. Drag the PDF to the reference in your Zotero Library.

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