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MLA (Modern Language Association) Style: Citing electronic sources



Adamec, Christine A. Pathological Gambling. Chelsea, 2011. eBook Collection (Ebscohost),


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To emphasize the book:

Navarro, Julia.  Shoot Me, I'm Already Dead. Translated by James Womack, Plaza Janés, 2014. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost),


To emphasize the translator:

Womack, James, translator. Shoot Me, I'm Already Dead. By Julia Navarro, Plaza Janés, 2014. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost),

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A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier. It is a string of numbers, letters and symbols used to permanently identify an article or document. NOT ALL ARTICLES HAVE DOIs.

If an article has a DOI, it will be printed on the article (usually in the header or footer) or on the database page that linked you to the article.

Example with URL:

Hyman, Gwen. “The Taste of Fame: Chefs, Diners, Celebrity, Class.” Gastronomica, vol.  8, no. 3, 2008, pp. 43-52. JSTOR,

Same article using its DOI:

Hyman, Gwen. “The Taste of Fame: Chefs, Diners, Celebrity, Class.” Gastronomica, vol.  8, no. 3, 2008, pp. 43-52. JSTOR,

The DOI is usually located on the front page of the article, the download page, or the database record.

Jung, Joo-Young.  “Connectedness and Disconnectedness to New and Old Media within Different Age Groups.” First Monday, vol. 21, no. 8, Aug. 2016,

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Milton, John. Paradise Lost: A Poem. Project Gutenberg,

Ginsberg, Allen. “Howl.” Poetry Foundation, 1955-1956,

Other Online Sources

"What's Causing My Knee Pain?" WebMD,


*The sponsor 's name is the same as the website's, so it's not needed. There is no date on the website, so it was left off.


Thompson, Dennis. "A Surgery-Free Fix for Bad Knees?" WebMD, 20 Mar. 2018,


Shelby Humane Society. 2016,


Eaves, Morris, et al. The William Blake Archive. 1996-2016,

Social Media

Kedra, Joanna. E-mail to the author. 10 Aug. 2018.


If the email was to someone else, add that person's name



Kedra, Joanna. E-Mail to Delores Carlito. 10 Aug. 2018.


@BronxZoosCobra. "@SamuelLJackson is on a plane." Twitter, 31 Jul, 2018, 2:35 p.m.,

If the posting has a title:

Tokarczuk, Olga. "All Saints' Mountain." Hazlitt, Penguin Random House,  23 Jan. 2019,


If the posting does not have a title:

Smith, John. Blog post. Fake Blog, Blogger, 16 Jan. 2019,


"How to Distract an Egyptian God." BestLife, Meredith Health Group, 7 Jun. 2018,

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