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MLA (Modern Language Association) Style: Citing print sources



Alvarez-Borland, Isabel. Cuban American Literature of Exile: From Person to Persona. UP of Virginia, 1998.


Boswell, Thomas D., and James R. Curtis. The Cuban American Experience: Culture, Images, and Perspectives. Rowman and Allanheld, 1984.


Fuller, Mark A, et al. Information Systems Project Management: A Process and Team Approach. Prentice Hall, 2010.

Alabama Humanities Foundation. Encyclopedia of Alabama. Auburn U, 2005.


Encyclopedia of Alabama. Somerset, 1998.


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Hacker, Diana, and Nancy Sommers.  A Writer’s Reference. University of Alabama at Birmingham 9th ed., Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2018.

To emphasize the book:

Arenas, Reinaldo. Before Night Falls. Translated by Dolores M. Koch, Viking, 1993.


To emphasize the translator:

Koch, Dolores M., translator. Before Night Falls. By Reinaldo Arenas, Viking, 1993.


“Patanjali.” Benét’s Reader’s Encyclopedia, edited by Bruce Murphy, 4th ed., HarperCollins, 1996, p. 782.



Leech, Marie and Eric Velasco. “Judge Says Who Will Run Schools.” The Birmingham News, 19 July 2012, pp. A1+.


Walsh, Bryan. “Pedal Push.” Time, 16 July 2012, pp. 52-54.


Adler, Jerry and Andrew Lawler. “How the Chicken Conquered the World.” Smithsonian, June 2012, pp. 40-47.


Moiles, Sean. “Search for Utopia, Desire for the Sublime: Cristina García’s Monkey Hunting.” MELUS, vol. 34, no. 4, 2009, pp. 167-86.

Reynolds, Joel, and Lakshman Rajagopal. “Food Safety Practices: Exploratory Assessment of South Carolina Child-care Facilities Health and Safety Inspection Data. Food Protection Trends, Mar./Apr. 2017, 107-115.

Bergholtz, Benjamin. "'Certainty in Its Purest Form': Globalization, Fundamentalism, and Narrative in Zadie Smith's White Teeth." Review of White Teeth, by Zadie Smith. Contemporary Literature, vol. 57, no. 4, 2016, pp. 541-68.



Kinnell, Galway. The Book of Nightmares. Mariner, 1973.


Atwood, Margaret. “Update on Werewolves.” The Best American Poetry 2019, edited by Major Jackson, Scribner, 2019, pp. 5-6.

Ciardi, translator. The Divine Comedy. Dante Aligheri, New American, 2003.

Other print sources

If the play is in an anthology:

Edson, Margaret. "Wit: A Play." Outstanding Women's Monologues 2001-2002, edited by Craig Pospisil, Dramatists Play Service, 2002, pp. 109-10.

If the play is published in book or booklet form:

Edson, Margaret. Wit: A Play. Faber and Faber, 1999.

From the CD booklet:

Ramones. Booklet. Rocket to Russia, Sire Records,1977.

From a website:

Ramones. Lyrics to "Rockaway Beach"  AZ Lyrics,


*Notice that I didn't put a website publisher or date in the citation. That's because the publisher and title have the same name and there's no date on the page.


This will apply to any transcript: video, radio, or interview.

This example is for the transcript of a video from a library database.

It Might Get Loud. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, Sony Pictures Classics, 2008. Academic Video Online: Premium Database,|video_work|3373149. Transcript. 

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