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MLA (Modern Language Association) Style: Citing multimedia

These examples assume your resources are digital files. If they are not, just leave off the last section with the website or database name and URL.



Pelaez, Amelia. Fish (Pesces). 1955. Cernuda Arte,


McCray, James Rodrick. In Loving Union. 1991, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Public sculpture.


Advertisement for Harajuku Lovers Fragrance. The Gender Ads Project, Scott A. Lukas,

10th Civil Engineering Squadron. "USAF Academy Snow Routes." United States Air Force Academy, U.S. Air Force,


Cooper, C.T. "Mellivora Capensis in Howletts Wild Animal Park." Wikipedia, 19 Jun. 2011,


Hale, Marie. "Ratel (Honey Badger." flickr, 12 Feb. 2011,


Breen, Steve. “Lifeguard Opioids.” 2 Oct. 2019. GoComics, Andrews McMeel Universal,

Avalaunch Meida. “The Interactive Purriodic Table of Internet Cats.” Visually, 2 Sep. 2014,



Mankoff, Bob. "Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon." YouTube, uploaded by TED, 26 Jun. 2013,

Emphasizing the film and director:

Thor: Raganrok. Directed by Taika Waititi, Marvel Studios, 2017. Netflix,


Emphasizing the actor's performance:

Hemsworth, Chris, performer. Thor: Raganrok. Marvel Studios, 2017. Netflix,


Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages. Directed by Michael Valentine, Gravitas, 2016. Kanopy,


Thor: Raganrok. Directed by Taika Waititi, Marvel Studio, 2017.

This will apply to any transcript: video, radio, or interview.

This example is for the transcript of a video from a library database.

It Might Get Loud. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, Sony Pictures Classics, 2008. Academic Video Online: Premium Database,|video_work|3373149. Transcript. 


Ramones. "Rockaway Beach." Rocket to Russia, Sire Records, 1977. Spotify,

Ramones. "Rockaway Beach." Rocket to Russia, Sire Records,1977. Compact Disc.

Ramones. "Rockaway Beach." Rocket to Russia, Sire Records,1977.

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