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Graduate Biomedical Sciences and JHS Departments: Poster Presentations

Good Poster Presentations

How to Develop a Poster

A successful poster presentation is one that conveys a clear message and has Purpose, Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusions sections.

Before making your poster, always review the guidelines, paying particular attention to:

  • Venue instructions
  • Size of poster
  • Date, time, location, and set up
  • Times when presenter should be present

Tips for Poster Appearance:

  • Use Block, Arial, or Times New Roman fonts
  • Use large fonts
  • Organize content from left to right

Poster Layout Suggestion:

Poster Printing Suggestions

Upon acceptance of your abstract, you will need to design your poster presentation and think about where you will have your poster printed.

You will need to know the dimensions of the poster display board at your conference/venue.

Templates for making posters are provided below.

Posters are usually made at printing shops and prices may vary.  Places to have posters printed include the following:

  • Biomedical Science Building (Shelby Building) at UAB.  Contact them at or 205-934-4092.  Price is $25 to $35.  See the website for more information.
  • UAB Printing & Mailing.  Contact them at or 205-934-3790.  The print shop employees can help design your poster.  These may be a bit more expensive.
  • Kinko's also prints posters but expect to pay more as they are also more expensive.

Poster Templates

Below are some poster templates you can use when planning your poster.

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