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Genetic Counseling: Getting Started

Information & resources for finding literature on genetic counseling topics.


Welcome to the Lister Hill Library research guide for students in UAB's Genetic Counseling program. This page contains resources that will help you throughout your program. Below are some tutorials and information that will help you as you search. The tabs at the top of this page take you to more specific information.

Working Off Campus

Access UAB Libraries electronic resources through the library website and use your Blazer ID/password to log in from off campus. Look for and click this button to find full text:

Avoiding Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism?

According to the UAB Academic Honor Code, plagiarism means claiming as your own the ideas, words, data, computer programs, creative compositions, artwork, etc., done by someone else. Examples include improper citation of referenced works, the use of commercially available scholarly papers, failure to cite sources, or copying another person’s ideas.

Turnitin also has a great white paper that discusses the different types of plagiarism: The Plagiarism Spectrum 

3 Step Rule

Information from sources must be:

  1. Paraphrased, summarized or quoted AND
  2. Cited in the same paragraph AND
  3. Included in a reference list at the end of the document

Useful resources on avoiding plagiarism

Tips for Search Success


Brainstorm possible search terms

  • Break up long phrases into separate search terms
  • Watch this narrated tutorial to learn more about how to select search keywords

Build search statements using AND, OR, and sometimes, NOT

  • Learn more about Boolean operators with this tutorial
  • AND narrows your search, OR broadens it

Choose appropriate resources

  • Consider books and e-books for background information. Articles can provide more current information and answer specific patient-related questions. Use articles to find evidence for evidence-based healthcare.
  • PubMed and CINAHL are typically good databases to start with for finding peer-reviewed biomedical articles.

Keep a log of your search process

  • If you're working on a larger-scale project, keep track of what databases and search terms "work" and which ones do not. This will keep you focused and organized as you search. 

Use Help links in databases

  • Each database searches differently. Explore the support information provided in a database if you aren't sure about the best way to enter your search statement.

Ask a Librarian if you get stuck!

Determining Key Concepts for Your Search

This 4-minute tutorial demonstrates how to select key concepts for searching article databases.

Using Boolean Operators to Build an Effective Search Statement

This 4-minute tutorial explains more how to use Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) to build a search statement.



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  Medical Terminology

In addition to the online resources listed below, you may also want to look at the following print resource. To find other books in this series you can enter the following into the "Title/Series Keyword" search blank in the catalog: Stedman's word books

Stedman's OB-GYN words: including neonatology, pediatrics, genetics (1995)
WQ 15 ST31 1995
2nd floor

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