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EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web): Collect & Store Citations

This guide is intended to assist users of EndNote desktop in using the online/web version of the EndNote program.

Adding Citations to EndNote Online

The process of creating an EndNote Online library typically involves exporting citations from a database such as PubMed and importing the citations into your EndNote Online account.

There are a number of ways to place citations into EndNote Online. Some databases, such as CINAHL and others that are owned by EBSCO, provide easy one-click means for moving citations from the database straight into EndNote Online. Other databases require you to first save a file containing citations from the database to your computer and then upload that file it into EndNote Online. And then for some items (such as items not found in databases), you will have to manually enter them into your EndNote Online account.

This table tells how citations can be added to EndNote Online from a variety of different databases.

Regardless of how you get citations into EndNote Online, you can easily insert them into a Word document and format them in the appropriate bibliographic style with just a few clicks.

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