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EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web): Insert Citations into a Word Document

This guide is intended to assist users of EndNote desktop in using the online/web version of the EndNote program.

Insert Citations into a Word Document

The instructions below show you how to use the EndNote Online Cite-While-You-Write toolbar to insert citations into a Microsoft Word 2007 document.

1) Place the cursor where you would like the in-text citation to be placed in the document

2) In Microsoft Word 2007, click on the EndNote Online tab and then click on the Find Citations icon

3) Insert a search term (a word or name that appears somewhere in the EndNote Online reference you are looking for) and click Find

4) Highlight the citation you want to place in the document and click Insert

5) You should now see an in-text citation as well as a corresponding reference placed at the bottom of the page

6) If your paper does not show the word "References" (or whatever your selected style requires as the label for the reference section) at the top of your end-of-text bibliography, then go to the EndNote Online toolbar, and click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the Bibliography box.

7) Click on the Layout tab. Under Bibliography title, enter the text you wish to appear at the top of your end-of-text reference list (e.g., Works Cited, References, etc.). (Note: Next to Line spacing, you can also change from Single to Double spacing depending on what your style requires.)

Note: Never attempt to edit or delete EndNote Online text within a Word document by using the Backspace or Delete keys. This will likely corrupt your Word document. (You can tell if text is "EndNote Online text" if it automatically highlights in gray when you click on it.) If you need to modify the content of a citation, make the changes to the citation in your EndNote Online library. Save the changes in EndNote Online and return to your Word document. Click the Update Citations and Bibliography button to reflect the changes you just made to the citation in EndNote Online.

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