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EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web): from Embase

This guide is intended to assist users of EndNote desktop in using the online/web version of the EndNote program.

Move Citations from Embase to EndNote (Online)

1) Go to the Embase database and run your search. On the results page, select the boxes next to the citations you wish to move to EndNote Online. Then click Export.

embase screenshot

2) For the Export format, select RIS format.

embase screenshot

3) Once you've made these selections, click the Export button.

4) Once you click Export, you will see a dialog box asking if you want to Open or Save the file. Select Save and click OK. Save the records.ris file on your computer. Make sure you know where the file saves so you can navigate to it once you're in EndNote Online.

5) If you haven't already, log in to your EndNote Online account. Put your cursor over the Collect tab and click Import References.

6) Next to File, click the Browse button. Navigate to the records.ris file that you saved to your computer (Step 4). Highlight this file and click Open. Make sure a filepath appears in the blank next to File.

7) Next to Import Option, select RefMan RIS. (Note: If you don't see RefMan RIS as an option, click Select Favorites to the right, find RefMan RIS from the complete list of import options (under "All"), highlight it, and click Copy to Favorites. You should then be able to select RefMan RIS next to Import Option on the left.)

8) Next to To, you can tell EndNote Online that you want these new references to go into a particular group (if you've created a group). The names of your existing groups (if you have any), will be listed. Or you can select New Group to create a new group during import. Or you can just select Unfiled and choose to put these references into a group later.

At this point, your Import References page should look like this:

embase screenshot

9) Now you can click Import. You should get a confirmation message like this indicating that the import was successful. You can click on the hyperlinked group name or Unfiled to view the newly-imported references.

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