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EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web): Edit Citations

This guide is intended to assist users of EndNote desktop in using the online/web version of the EndNote program.

Edit Citations within EndNote Online

Knowing how to edit individual citations in EndNote Online is important because you may need to:  

  • change an abbreviated journal title in a reference to a full journal title (or vice versa)
  • change the capitalization of an article or book title from mixed case to all lowercase except for the first letter of the first word
  • add notes to the Notes field in a citation

1) Click on one of the hyperlinked article titles in a reference in your EndNote Online collection

2) To show only the fields that have content, click the link at the top right corner that says Hide Empty Fields. To display all fields again, including those that have no content, click the Show Empty Fields link. (Note: To use the Research Notes (see below) field you will need to select Show Empty Fields.)

3) To modify a particular field, for example the Journal field, hover the cursor over the field you want to change until it becomes light blue and then click it

4) Make any changes needed within the field and then click somewhere else on the page (outside of the field you were working in) to save changes (in the example below the journal was changed from the abbreviation to the full title)

5) If at any point you would like to revert a field's content to what it previously was, simply click on the crimson arrow next to the field title

6) Though the Research Notes field can be left blank, many people like to enter information such as search strategies for finding similar articles. It can also be helpful to enter terms in that field that you can later use in a search for the citation.

7) When you are finished editing the reference, click on the Return to List link at the top of the page

Corporate or Institutional Authors

Tip: To force corporate or institutional author entries to format correctly, you must add a comma to the end of the corporation or institution name. For example:

National Center for Health Statistics,

If the corporation or institution has a comma as part of its name, then you can insert two commas. Below is an example of how you would enter it into EndNote Online:

And here is how it would appear in your Word document using APA 6th style:

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