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UAB Libraries 3D Printing

Information on 3D printing and related resources available from the UAB Libraries

Printer Information

There is one Form 3B+ stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printer manufactured by Formlabs located in Lister Hill Library 3D Printing.  

The Form3B+ is reserved for use with biomedical resin only. 

Specialized training is required before an individual may use any of the Form 3 SLA printers. Please visit our events  calendar to register for a scheduled training or submit a consultation request to schedule individual training. SLA printers use a tank of specially formulated resin, rather than a thermoplastic filament, as material for 3D printing. 

Form 3B+ - Printer Information




Build Volume

The build volume for the SleekNumbat Form 3B+ printer is

145 mm x 145 mm x 185 mm 

(5.7 in x 5.7 in x 7.3 in)

We recommend avoiding prints that use the entire surface of the printer's build platform. 


Slicer Software

The Formlabs printers are managed through the UAB Libraries Formlabs dasbboard. Dashboard access is granted at the conclusion of required SLA printer training. 

Preform is the required slicing software for the Formlabs printers. The software is available for free from the Formlabs website. Users must provide their own laptop or desktop computer to use with Preform. 

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