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UAB Libraries 3D Printing

Information on 3D printing and related resources available from the UAB Libraries

Printer Information

There is one Form 3 printer located in the Lister Hill Library 3D Printing Space. The Form 3 is a sterolithographic (SLA) 3D printer. SLA printers use a tank of uv-sensitive resin, rather than a thermoplastic filament, as material for printing. Specialized training is required in addition to the UAB Libraries 3D printer training before an individual may use the Form 3 SLA printer. Please visit our events  calendar to register for a scheduled training or submit a consultation request to schedule individual training

UAB Libraries retired our first Form 2 SLA printer in Spring 2023.  The Form 2 SLA printer was named Melson after Melson Barfield-Carter, MD. For biographical information on Dr. Barfield-Carter please visit the Lister Hill Library 3D Printer Namesakes page in this guide.


Form 3



3D Printer

Build Volume

The build volume for the Form 3 is

145 mm x 145 mm x 185 mm 

(5.70 in x 5.70 in x 7.28 in)

We recommend avoiding prints that use the entire surface of the printer's build platform. 


Slicer Software

The Formlabs printers are not currently accessible in the  3DPrinterOS cloud-based 3D printer management software.

Preform is the required slicing software for the Formlabs printers. Preform is installed on a workstation in Lister Hill Library 3D Printing and can be downloaded from the Formlabs website.

Manuals and Software

Formlabs provides Preform slicing software for use with the Form 3 printer. 

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