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EndNote (Desktop Version): Manually Enter Citations


This 7-minute tutorial will show you how to manually enter references to your EndNote library.

Click the play button in the video image below. Then, click in the bottom right corner to view in full screen.

Manually Enter Citations

Not every item you will want to cite will be available in a database (e.g., personal interviews, memos, websites, etc.). For these types of sources, you can hand-enter a record into your EndNote library. 

1) From the References menu at the top of the EndNote screen, select New Reference.

2) From the Reference Type drop-down menu, choose the type of source you want to enter.

Shows New Reference screen

3) Now fill in the fields for which you have information.

Record fields


Author field:

  • If you have a corporate author, put a comma at the end to force EndNote to display it correctly in your paper: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
  • Enter each author on a separate line

Title field:

  • Omit punctuation at the end of a title

Year field:

  • Enter 4-digit year or you can also enter text such as “unpublished” or “in press”

·         Date field: Do not include the year here as that will be pulled from the Year field

4) Click the gray x in the top right corner to close and save the reference to your EndNote library (or you can go to File > Save). A separate window will open asking, “Do you want to save the changes you made to the reference?” Click Yes.

You should then see the citation in your EndNote library.

More on Corporate or Institutional Authors

If the corporation or institution has a comma as part of its name, then you can insert two commas. Below is an example of how you would enter it into EndNote:

And here is how this same reference would appear if you inserted it into a Word document using APA 6th style:

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