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EndNote (Desktop Version): Attach PDFs

Insert a PDF into a Reference

1) Highlight the reference you wish to attach a PDF to.

2) Then, go to the References menu and select File Attachments > Attach File

Location of Attach File from References menu

3) Navigate to and highlight the PDF file you wish to attach. Click Open.

Navigating to attach a file 

4) The PDF should now be attached to the reference in your library. When you click away to another reference, you will be asked, "Do you want to save the changes you made to the reference?" Click Yes to save the PDF with the reference.

5) To access a PDF of an article, highlight the particular reference in your library and click the tab with the PDF icon in the PDF Viewer. (May be in a different location depending on your library's layout setting.) If you wish to view the PDF in a new, larger window, click the icon in the top left of that frame.

Location of PDF Viewer

You can also double-click a citation in your library and scroll down to the File Attachments field. Double-click PDF file to open it.

File Attachments field in an EndNote record

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