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EndNote (Desktop Version): Journals Term List

Printable Instructions

Click the link below to open a PDF, printer-friendly version of the instructions on this page.

What is a Journal Terms List?

Journals Term List is a file that contains a list of full journal titles and their corresponding abbreviations. EndNote can use this list to identify journals and abbreviations and display either the full title or abbreviation when you insert references into Word. Whether a full title or abbreviation is displayed is dictated by a setting in the given output style. So for example, the APA 6th output style is set to show the full journal title in formatted citations. However, sometimes references imported to EndNote from a database only include journal abbreviations. Having a journal terms list allows EndNote to recognize certain journal abbreviations and automatically change them to display as full journal titles in Word.

By default, EndNote does not come loaded with any journal terms lists. However, you can easily import lists. Instructions for how to do this are on the rest of this page.

Setting Preferences & Clearing Any Existing Journal Terms

Before you actually import a journal terms list, you should check your EndNote settings for term lists and ensure there are no existing term lists that could confuse EndNote.

1) In EndNote, go to Edit  > Preferences. On the left side, select Term Lists and uncheck the bottom two checkboxes if they are checked. Click Ok.

Terms List preferences

2) From the Tools menu, select Open Terms Lists > Journal Term List. (Note: If you do not have any existing terms lists, this option will be grayed out and you can proceed to the Importing Journal Terms Lists box below.)

Open Terms List on menu

3) Make sure you are on the Terms tab. Click anywhere in the existing journal terms list and highlight the entire list (Ctrl+A or right-click > Select All). Then click the Delete Term button on the right.

Window showing existing terms and delete button

Importing Journals Term Lists

1) Open EndNote

2) Tools > Define Term Lists > click the Lists tab > select Journals in the box > click Import List button

Screen shot of dialog box

3) Navigate to your EndNote program folder and open the Terms Lists folder
4) Select the discipline that is most relevant to you (e.g., BioScience or Medical) and click Open
Terms List folder

You can repeat these steps to add journal terms lists for additional disciplines.

Adding New Journals to a Journal Terms List

If after doing the above you still notice that some journals are not displaying as full titles or abbreviations (whatever the output style requires), then you can add individual journals to the journal terms list.

1) Tools > Define Term Lists > click the Lists tab > select Journals in the box

2) Click the Terms tab

Take note of how the abbreviations in the Abbreviation 1 and Abbreviation 2 columns differ (i.e., Abbreviation 1 has a period after each abbreviated term, Abbreviation 2 has no periods). You shouldn’t need to worry about the Abbreviation 3 column.

3) Click New Term button > enter journal title and abbreviations in the appropriate fields > click OK.

Important: Follow the same format for Abbreviation 1 and 2 columns as the other journals you imported (i.e., Abbreviation 1 has a period after each abbreviated term, Abbreviation 2 has no periods)

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